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(Updated August 22, 2017)

Summary Report from The Alliance for Bayway Communities

As evidenced by the construction equipment seen as we drive by, there's major work underway at the Southwest Water Reclamation Facility (SWWRF) just east of Eckerd College. Short-term measures, including an injection well to discard higher flows during severe rain events, are now in place. Another major project has begun that will convert substantial portions of plant solid waste into methane, resulting in a less harmful solid product and energy to be used at the plant and in city garbage trucks. This project has a late-2018 completion date.

Longer-term changes to address the sewer overflow problem have not been fully defined, but we know the total bill will be well over $350M. The City forecasts that this will eventually result in water and sewer rates increasing more than 50%. The ABC has expressed general agreement with overall plans defined to date and will continue to participate in City efforts to finalize plans. On July 7, we had a 90-minute meeting with mayoral candidate Rick Baker to provide background on the ABC and its current priorities. Discussion included an extensive review of our involvement in the sewer overflow work and how we would see the current momentum in wastewater system improvements continuing. .

Council Member Steve Kornell was successful in getting St. Petersburg to set aside $25k/year to pay for removing derelict boats which pose navigational and environment problems when they run aground or sink. He is coordinating with SPPD to define how the removals will be done. The ABC strongly supported this action which addresses a major annoyance in a number of St. Petersburg locations, including ours.

An acceptable compromise was reached in the state legislature debate over estoppel fees. Lobbyists for property management companies and for the Community Association Institute were successful in negotiating reasonable rates for what associations can charge for real estate transaction documents. The ABC participated by contacting legislators and by requesting a St. Petersburg City Resolution opposing the initial version of this bill that was sent to our state representatives. The original language would have resulted in higher costs being passed on to associations.

The June issue of The Island Reporter included a first-page article on the ABC. Emphasis was on our involvement in the City's sewer overflow prevention efforts, seeking more cost effective telecommunication options, and advocacy issues. The ABC is increasing its communication effort, including more frequent updates to member associations and a website for interested residents.

Respectfully submitted,
ABC Principals