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(Updated February 20, 2018)

Summary Report from The Alliance for Bayway Communities

ABC February 2018 Update

For many years, the ABC has worked in collaboration with Eckerd College to improve the condition of landscaping along the Pinellas Bayway. Initial discussions with FDOT and their contractor, and with our state and city representatives resulted in some improvement to conditions on the Bayway, but not to the level expected by ABC and Eckerd College. We are very pleased that, as of December 1, the City has prime responsibility for landscape maintenance on the Bayway. This should result in much more attention to our area and noticeable improvement in the landscaping along the Bayway, our front yard.

In past updates, concern was raised that the Florida Legislature might pass legislation favorable to short-term rental services like AirBnB. As this year’s session started, we were very concerned that Senate Bill 1400 addressing this matter might allow short-term rentals even when they violate condominium governing documents. ABC discussions with Senator Brandes and others have helped deflect such legislation. Senate Bill 1400 now includes the clarification statement that “application of vacation rental provisions created by the bill do not supersede any current or future declaration or declaration of condominium, cooperative documents, or declaration of covenants or declaration in a homeowners’ association.”

While there is less current public debate about St. Petersburg’s sewer/wastewater situation, substantial efforts continue. A Town Hall has been scheduled for 2:30PM on Thursday, March 8, at Eckerd College to discuss Saint Petersburg’s plans to fix the system. Claude Tankersley (Public Works Administrator) and Leisha Pica (Jacobs Engineering project leader) will present an update on the status of the sewer/wastewater system and on the long-term master plan under development. Walter Donnelly, the ABC Principal closely associated with this work, will introduce the topic and provide the ABC’s position on the plan and process.

The City has selected the ABC area for one of their future “Living Local” shows where neighborhood residents highlight why they love their neighborhood. The five-minute video will be an excellent opportunity to explain the benefits of living in our area (water views, beach access, Isla Del Sol, Eckerd College and ASPEC, proximity to the city, etc.). The resulting five-minute video will be created during the month of March and should become a valuable component as a promotional website open to non-residents. A recent Living Local show can be seen at: 

ABC and ASPEC Hosted Town Hall on St Pete Sewer System, March 8th

The proper functioning of the St. Petersburg sewer system is not a mere mayoral-election political issue to those of us who live on or near the Bayway. With the Southwest Water Treatment Facility located right in the middle of our neighborhood, we - and our property values - are ground zero for problems with the City's wastewater system, particularly those at the local plant.

Since Dec. 2014, the Alliance for Bayway Communities has been at the center of efforts to encourage the City Administration and Council to permanently correct the many issues that have been uncovered over the months and years of intense scrutiny. That multi-year effort is now well underway, and those of us critically invested in it's success need to be fully aware of what the City intends to do, and when.

Accordingly, the Alliance will host a joint ABC- Eckerd College/ASPEC Town Hall meeting on March 8th, at 2:30PM at Lewis House, the ASPEC building on the Eckerd campus. The presenters will be Claude Tankersley, St. Petersburg Public Works Administrator, and Leisha Pica, Engineering Program Manager. They are the two most senior officials in the City guiding the rebuild of the wastewater system. We strongly encourage the Boards and permanent/seasonal residents of our communities to attend this hour-long Town Hall and to ask pointed questions. This will be the last, best chance for a long while to understand the prospects for a major determinant of quality of life along the Bayway.

 ABC Principals