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Bayway Bridge Project Underway

(This bridge is located close to the Don Cesar)

The Florida Department of Transportation and their contractor Orion Marine started construction on the Pinellas Bayway - St. Pete Beach replacement bridge in February, 2012.

The new high level bridge along SR 682 (Pinellas Bayway) will increase the traffic capacity between the west toll plaza and SR 679 by adding two additional travel lanes; eliminate the traffic backups created by the constant opening of the existing low level bascule bridge; and reconstruct and resurface a portion of SR 682 from SR 699 (Gulf Boulevard) to the west toll plaza. The project also includes signing, lighting, and landscaping for the entire project length, approximately 1.3 miles.

The advancement of this project is a result of the excellent bidding environment and the availability of funds generated by toll revenues specifically for the Bayway Bridge and funds programmed for a rehabilitation project no longer necessary once we proceed with the new bridge.

The new bridge will have a 75 year design life. Construction is estimated to be completed in 2014.

If you have questions, please contact Brian L Shroyer at Brian.Shroyer@dot.state.fl.us

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